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Project Zearth was created by Xoyjaz around september 2010. Even though it has switched project names from "Zeon city" to the "Neon-Cepton project", it still provides you with the same, concept, fun and amazing experience. This classic minecraft city map gives you the oppertunity to experience a world filled with creative builds and explore hidden treasures as well as temples. From walking downtown in the urban city of Zeon, to solving temple puzzles as part of your adventure. This map has it all, only thing its missing is you to explore it. Travel with trains, boats, planes or just walk through this cultural experience from city to city or just inbetween towns & villages. Become alive in this amazing world that awaits you.


Minecraft was introduced to me (Xoyjaz) in September of 2010 on a monday. A friend of mine had played it all week and was positive that I would enjoy this game if I tried it out. The game was installed on my school computer during society class. I enjoyed it and later on in the week, the game became my addiction. I had one save file I would always play survival on and another map I could do testing on.

The first time I updated the map to the beta version was in January of 2011. It was the 1.2 version which I installed to my minecraft. Unfortunately the save file became corrupted after the updated. Everything that I had contributed was gone and I was left with a new vanilla map. Furious that I did not backup any savefiles, I was on the verge of quitting minecraft. 

But for some reason the game held me back, and the friends around me would always encourage me to make puzzle maps (which was popular among us friends) and just have fun with the game. I would later on go back to my testing map where I had explored new surface, destroyed mountains with TNT and built some kind of resemblings of temples, towers and pyramids. Poor quality was about to became advanced buildings when I decided to reboot this testing map and see what I could do to make the best puzzle map possible for myself and friends. Over time the testing map went later on to become Project Zearth. 


In the begining the people of Zearth created temples to cherish their creator Notch. Pyramids way ahead of its time were created as temple shrines, spiral towers made of spesific materials symbolized as gates to heaven. First structure ever to be created was the dirt spiral tower, which was later on relocated in the historical museum of Zeon city. The dirt spiral tower was used to scout over the landscapes they owned. The main leader of the tribe "Xoyjaz" had even bigger plans to expand their territory. As their ground was expanding and more populated, Xoyjaz claimed himself as emperor of the land his people had claimed. Some people did not agree with his decision to crown himself as emperor and went agasint him in all secret. These people established themselves as the Cepton movement. Xoyjaz also claimed to be the only God and the temples became later his domain. 
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At the end of 2010 Xoyjaz had already conquered most of the land owned by the hostile mobs. Batteling to claim land, these mobs never seemed to show any type of surrender. At the same time new land was discovered in the south and the town of New Xoyjaz was established. Now located south of Xoyjaz city as he called his empire. Even though Xoyjaz city was the largest settlements and locations of builds, Xoyjaz town had larger plans ahead of itself. Now Xoyjaz city was more reminiscent of a war zone, divided into a land of hostile mobs and emperor warriors battling over territory. The people were forced to move out the city and establish a new life in Xoyjaz town, where there were better resources and environmental conditions to live by. Xoyjaz left Xoyjaz city in favor of a better life. In 2011 the Xoyjaz empire was under heavy attack from both the hostile mobs and undercover sabotage by the Ceptonian movement. The mobs had taken over and with Xoyjaz gone on the south side, the people of the city needed new leadership. Thus came the son of Xoyjaz (Rahib Xoyjaz), and he fought a great battle against the mobs. As Xoyjaz city was undergoing a massive attack from the west and east, civilians were evacuated from the north to the south. More than 1/2 of these people went even further southnorth alongside with the Ceptonian movement who couldn`t stand the Xoyjaz regime. The Xoyjaz regime which was forced south to Xoyjaz town controlled the northern frontier with their army far away from the battleground. Xoyjaz town was a peaceful town which was starting to grow into a modern society during this war. Under this dark period Xoyjaz introduced football to the empire and gave the people something else to think about. He gave many people work and started many building projects. Structures like the Emperor stadium and Tower of Milad were all part of this project during that time.

The success of Rahib Xoyjaz was noticed all over Zearth in 2011 as he and his army ended the mob war. A long battle was fought, the city of Xoyjaz had fallen. After a difficult period of time the Xoyjaz regime fell apart, a government was established and Xoyjaz city was renamed Zeon city. Xoyjaz town had now became a city and renamed Premium city. Xoyjaz declared himself as king under the power of the new government. After Xoyjaz`s death, Rahib was the next to take over as king. The monarchy had nothing more than pride to hold onto, everything was controlled by the democratic Neon government from that day onwards.

Neon & Cepton

After the victory of the hostile mob war, the new government claimed their land to be known as the Neon region. On the other hand, the region of Cepton was also created in the south. The Ceptonian movement had the resources and time to build a whole new empire. Their beliefs were based on Notch as the first and only creator. So the people kept creating temples as tribute to their God. The Neon economy was much more advanced and way ahead of Cepton. Focusing on growing this new modern society and taking advantage of all the resources their land had to offer was their priority. This new and strong Neon had its sayings in the world of Zearth. Neon used to provide Cepton everything they needed to build up their economy and region. This led to the Neon government taking control over Cepton territory as part of their agreement. You would see Neon regional flags in Cepton, Neon police and companies expanding their seeds in Cepton. 

This would go on until the end of 2012. A new government was elected in Neon, their focus was to get more people to work in Neon and to decrease Neonian activity in Cepton. Neon was undergoing major changes, the population had increased dramatically and so many other issues had to be worked on. As a result, the first International agreement between Neon & Cepton came. Neon had to take their resources out of Cepton, or else Cepton wouldn't allow Neon to use their land in other contexts. At this moment Cepton was having the fastest financially growing status ever and Neon was on the verge of falling apart. In the process of these two regions passing each other as super powers in Zearth, we have Glow city as the artifical Neon government project and the massive building revolution that took place between 2011-2012 in Neon.

In summer of 2015, both regions made headlines again, comparing the tension between Neon & Cepton similar to what was going on in 2012. Cepton as the leading super regime against the uprising Neon regime had issues regarding past history and recent events. The parliament of Cepton had decided on a 5 billion Em deal on their new Delta program which is basically all army related. Riots had emerged both in cities like Jijilocity and Zeon city to protest against the uprise of an army from both Cepton and Neon. The Neon government agreed to go further with their Echo program. This made the relationship between the north & the south even more tense than ever before. 


Project Zearth does not stick to one type of building style. Each city and some towns/villages have their own iconic building style. Even the regions have their own style. The most recognizable building style is Brovillian . A converted style of Brovillian can be found all over Zeon city, Premium city and Kloomon city. This is called the Zeon style which resambles all the new Brovillain style in Neon. 

You will also be introduced to the new modern style of both regions which originally was the Ceptonina style. It later became very popular in Neon. Last but not least you have the modern/medieval building style which you will find in most of the towns/villages. The history is still fresh, and therfore villages & towns havn`t progressed over time as much as the cities have. 

The architectural diversity is very noticeable in Project Zearth. Just like minecraft, Project Zearth has undergone many updates to stay relevant. Many buildings & districts has been renovated, even the landscape. There will be many new and exciting structures each update, and other builds become eaither architectural or historical masterpieces over time. Each building resambles their own story. You will always have the option to visit each historical spot located in the citie. Appriciate what they stand for or let them bring you back on a journey back in time.


The most valued items are diamonds or emeralds, depending on which region you are located in. 

Diamonds are valued highly in Neon, the currency of the region is Gn (Gold nugget). Emeralds on the other hand are the most valued item in Cepton, the currency of the region is Em( Emeralds)

You will find more diamond caves in Neon than Cepton beacuse of the alpha/beta terrain its rendered in. The Cepton region was expanded during the minecraft emerald update and therefore emeralds are more valued in Cepton than Neon.


Minecarts was the first version of transportation introduced to Project Zearth. The first railways was constructed from Zeon city state train station to Premium city old town. Today there are railways connected all over the regions. Along came the subway systems inside the city regions. More advanced systems came along with underground speed shuttles acting like subways, but stretching on longer distances and higher speed.

Creating ocean connections gave more possibilites to travel by boat. Zeon city is the only city that does not connect to an ocean. 

Aircraft travelling was introduced in v.13. Travel to any city that has an airport. Just board a plane to use this option.

Town life & villages

Coming soon


Cruise around Zearth and witness the architectural madness in creative mode, or create your own adventure by exploring the secret land of Zearth and be a part of something big. I can`t wait for you to join, are you ready?


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